How To Prepare A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

Take a critical step to better protect your business.

According to a recent poll by Insureon, an average 61% of small business owners don’t have a formal disaster recovery plan.

Natural disasters, including fires, hurricanes and floods, can strike at any moment, leaving your businesses with nothing but a large mess to clean up. Here’s how you can take a critical step to better protect your businesses by strategically preparing a disaster recovery plan.

Back up all documents and critical information

Ensure all information consistently being backed up, either in the cloud or off site.

Take inventory of all assets

Create a list of all critical employees and equipment needed to perform jobs, in the case of an emergency. This could include computers, desks, server software, phone system, etc.

Secure alternative office space

In the case of an emergency, your employees and equipment will need to relocate. To keep things moving smoothly, research alternative office space options around the area ahead of time and keep these locations in the back of your mind.

Touch base with your insurance company

It’s time to start replacing your damaged equipment and office space. Provide your insurance company with a list of items that need replacing.

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