Helping Injured Employees Return to Work

How to help make the transition easier (and faster) for you and your employee.  









With a quality return-to-work program, injured employees can get back to work sooner- improving productivity and morale, while minimizing costs.

$206 billion is the amount that workplace injuries cost businesses every year.  And the longer it takes an employee to return to work, the less of a chance there is that they'll ever return.










How can employers help?

Step 1.  Put Health First. 

Work closely with the insurance provider 

Connect the employee with experienced healthcare providers  

Aim for the right care, at the right time


Step 2. Prioritize Communication.

Send cards and updates

Emphasize that injured employees are wanted back

Collaborate with the claims manager on a rehab plan


Step 3. Transition Proactively

Cross-train other employees to cover gaps

Modify job responsibilities for injured employees

Consider finding temporary or transitional jobs for injured employees, if possible


Step 4. Welcome injured employee back to work!

Being injured and unable to work can be stressful for employees - and expensive for companies. But businesses with a solid return-to-work plan, including options such as transitional employment programs, can help get employees safely back into their roles faster.

Two Rivers Insurance offers a wide variety of services that can help your employees return to work quickly.  We have an on-staff Claims Manager that can advocate for you and assist with claims or questions, HR360 which can assist in Human Resources related questions and a Learning Management System that can help businesses develop their own return-to-work program for employees.  Contact us to see how we can help your business:  Business Risk Management Services.


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