7 Safety Tips for Cyber Monday

Stay safe before, during, and after Cyber Monday

With hot deals everywhere on the web, Cyber Monday has become the biggest shopping day of the year, on and off-line. In fact, in 2017 consumers spent nearly $6.59 billion on Cyber Monday deals. 

However, clicking into the lion’s den of deals can be risky to your security. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay safe before, during, and after Cyber Monday.

Verify Email Addresses

Your inbox might be chock full of amazing deals that seem too good to be true – and they are! Some scammers create email addresses and messages that look eerily similar to ones sent by actual retailers. They may be asking you to click on dangerous links that might steal your information. Be mindful of email addresses and confirm they come from the retailer themselves by verifying with their website. If there is an attachment, it probably isn’t legitimate, so dump it in the virtual garbage bin.

Shop Through Secure Sites

Look for a padlock icon in the URL bar of your browser. This padlock will ensure that the data and information passed between you and the store’s service remains private and secure. Another indication of a secure site is that the URL read’s “https” and not just “http”.

Manage Your Passwords

It may be tempting to set the same password for everything, but, if one of them is stolen it can mean a world of hurt for your personal information. Passwords should include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

Shop For Deals on Vendor Sites

Google is the first place people go to search for the amazing steals and deals, but it is also a hotbed for sketchy sites. Search engines do try to keep you away from the bad sites, but scammers can and will program their sites towards the top of the lists. For the most secure and accurate information, we recommend visiting the vendor’s site directly.

Use the Vendor’s App

If you are shopping from a tablet or a mobile device, be sure to download the vendor’s apps and shop through them. Vendors have much more control over their own apps than they do mobile web browsers, meaning that your data and information will be safer. 

Don’t Use Public WiFi

All a hacker needs is a public WiFi password to wreak havoc on you or a loved one’s finances.  Be sure to only use secure WiFi connections when making any sort of online purchase. 

Review Bank and Credit Card Statements

Cyber thieves can harvest your credit card information and save it for a later date. They may strike when you least expect them, so it is important to be proactive and check bank and credit card statements regularly. This will help you identify any fraudulent charges.  

Be safe this Cyber Monday and holiday shopping season by utilizing these seven safety tips to keep your data and information secure. 

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